Or the excitement I gained from a support page on Apple's website being updated.
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This week, Plugged In has been going through the house and worming its slippery tongue into as many power sockets as possible.

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you’ve stared into the mirror, both hands on that cool glass, and asked yourself "how did I end up like this?"

Here’s the story: Apple updated its support page for the MagSafe laptop charger for the first time since 2016.

That’s it.

That’s what got my metaphorical nipples perky enough to skewer olives with.

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 14.01.53If you're all like "Callum, what the fuck is a MagSafe charger?" here's your answer.

Of course, I’m being slightly glib: there’s more to this than just an updated page.

Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 14.03.35BUT JUST LOOK AT THE DAMN DATE ANYWAY


MagSafe adaptors were a genius piece of engineering and design by Apple. I remember them appearing on MacBooks in 2006 and being breathlessly impressed by the tech.

The idea that I could trip over my computer wire and, rather than sending my laptop flying like a discus in the hands of a German, the little magnet would safely pop out instead, leaving my machine safe and sound.

Yet as a poet (probably) said: all good things must end.

In 2016, Apple began phasing MagSafe out. Instead, it moved to a more standard USB-C cable.

usb c

This had benefits, one being you could now charge your MacBook far easier. But there were a raft of downsides too.

Specifically, wrapping the laptop cable around your foot and witnessing a Fast & Furious scene in real life.

source-Jul-23-2021-12-17-57-42-PM"MACBOOK, NOOOOOO."

Here’s where my excitement piqued.

Reports have been dribbling out that the new MacBooks dropping at the end of the year will bring MagSafe adaptors back.

This, of course, hasn’t been confirmed by Apple, but when I saw the support page got updated I… believed. A full Mulder-scale belief, the sort of thing I'd ruin my career over.

And here's where we circle back to the original point: will this excitement about a laptop charger and updated support page thrill a crowd at a party? 

Fuck yeah it will.

Next event I'm invited to, I'm gonna sprint around the house, pointing at charging cables, and demanding to know if they're magnetic.

"When was the support page for that last updated?” I’ll howl, pointing at a Dell laptop, as I’m dragged kicking and screaming out of the house.

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A review you’re required to read

As long-term acolytes of the church of Plugged In know, this newsletter (and its writer, me) have a thing for books.

That's why it's an absolute pleasure to suggest you read this glorious article all about Floyd Toole's Sound Reproduction.


We described this as "the most important book for audiophiles," as it addresses some of the biggest questions sound enjoyers have about, well, sound.

Basically, I'd suggest you just go and read the article. It could be the first step on a glorious journey.

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Oh lord I'm getting all sweaty in excitement about TNW2021 — and you really should be feeling the same.

Why? Because of speakers like Chris Ume. He's the co-founder of Metaphysic.ai, and is widely recognized as the world expert in the emerging field of hyper-real videos.

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Here’s a cool thing (also, cya)


Last weekend, I watched Tampopo again for the first time in... a decade? Oh god I'm getting old.

For those unfamiliar, it's a Japanese movie "about" a woman (the eponymous Tampopo) trying to improve her noodle store — but, in reality, that's only a miniscule part of the film.

This comedy is dubbed as a "ramen western" and — in-between a cast of characters trying to help Tampopo level up her shop — are a series of odd vignettes.

Many of which you'll never forget. (I'll just say "sucking on egg yolk" and leave it there).

Tampopo is a truly idiosyncratic work. In fact, it may be the finest film about food ever made. If you watch it hungry, you're gonna have a bad time. That I guarantee.

Directed by Juzo Itami, Tampopo is a movie like no other. It manages to be both lighthearted and profound, exploring the central role that eating plays in our lives.

Damn, just writing this has got my stomach rumbling.


Tell your enemies all about Plugged In. I'll see the rest of you jabronis later.


Peas & Louvre,


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