Head transplants, dead colonists, and the AI hive mind...
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Hello, carbon-based lifeforms!

Head transplants and brain implants

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I was thinking about head transplants this morning. Way back when I was an intern at TNW I wrote about Sergio Canavero, a scientist hellbent on being the first person to successfully perform one.

Canavero insisted he'd pull off the transplant in 2019. After that deadline passed, and he didn't, he reportedly moved to China to continue his work. It's unclear if there's a new target date set yet... and why are even indulging this crap? 

Even the brightest, most optimistic expert projections put the technology required to make it possible to re-fuse the spinal cord together after a total severance at least a decade away.

Canavero's been called a "quack" by more than one expert and it appears he's generally viewed as an outcast in the medical community. 

But what if Canavero were a tech mogul or the heir to a business empire? What if, when he started out, he'd had millions to spend on marketing and fundraising efforts, VCs on speed dial, and the social media acumen of Elon Musk?  

Neuralink's building an invasive brain computer interface for healthy people and Facebook's conducting AI-powered psychological experiments on billions of unwitting people at a time. 

If Canavero can figure out a way to incorporate NFTs, Dogecoin, the blockchain, or advanced machine learning into his pitch for choppin' n' swappin' noggins, he'll probably end up as the chief scientist and head chopper off-er for a company that makes chatbots or something. 

Anyhooo... here's 5 really scary things about the future of AI that The Terminator movies didn't prepare you for. 

Tales from the arXiv archives

One algorithm to lead them all

Last week, I talked about Stanford's study on foundational algorithms. 

Now, I'd like to move forward by going backwards.

In 2019, researcher Daniel Buehrer published a pre-print paper called "A Mathematical Framework for Superintelligent Machines." 

This work posited a new class calculus capable of providing the platform through which a master algorithm could emerge. 

At the time, Buehrer appeared to believe we were within a year of this emergence. But, the best thing about lofty predictions for ambitious ideas is that they can always be "a year away." 

You can read our take here on Neural, and the original paper here on arXiv. 

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Something profound from the internet

A fantastic thread about how things really work:


Our favorite AI video of the week

Here's an excellent interview from Bloomberg with Kai-Fu Lee, a world-renowned AI expert who once made a wager that would have involved him having to eat 1, 000,000 Tesla robotaxis if he lost. Legen-wait-for-it-dary!

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Do you think we're more likely to perform a human-to-human head transplant or put a human brain in a machine body first? 

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