Robots, dragons, Facebook's racist algorithms, and Martian viruses...
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Hello, carbon-based lifeforms!

Robots versus dragons

Howdy folks,

My interest in artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and quantum physics all came as a direct result of my early exposure to the works of a single rock star philosopher: Nick Bostrom.

Most Neural newsletter readers will be familiar with his work. His paper, "Are you living in a computer simulation?," popularized the idea itself. 

He's also the author of Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies, a book that takes a deep dive into general artificial intelligence and beyond.  

But when I think of Bostrom, I think of his work on the philosophy on immortality. 

In The Fable of the Dragon-TyrantBostrom imagines death itself as a monstrous dragon who demands the sacrifice of humans to appease it. 

Reading this short story changed my entire worldview with respect to technology, the future, and what's really important.

I can't help but wonder what would happen if the artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and neuroscience communities bonded together to form a joint global task force to figure out how to defeat death once and for all. 

Bostrom's keen insight has a way of cutting an argument down to its brass tacks.

I highly recommend reading the Dragon-tyrant story. But if you'd prefer to see a badass cartoon about it instead, I'll link the video towards the end of the newsletter. 

Tales from the arXiv archives

One algorithm to fail them all

Just imagine it: a single AI-powered platform that functions as a point-of-entry for innumerable systems. 

Chatbots? Got that.

Driverless cars? It does that too.

Chemistry and radiology? Sure why not.

And when it makes errors we can figure out why?


And when it makes errors we can figure out why??

Actually... no. And that's the problem.

A giant team of multidisciplinary researchers working with Stanford's Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence center recently published a report, "On the Opportunities and Risks of Foundation Models," and it makes for a fascinating read.

You can check out the whole paper here on arXiv.


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What we’re reading


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Something profound from the internet

No jokes this week, just a list of really cool (and free!) resources for science lovers:


Our favorite AI video of the week

As promised, CGP Grey's excellent adaptation of Nick Bostrom's The Fable of the Dragon-tyrant!

Click the image below to watch on YouTube:

CGP Grey - The Fable of the Dragon-tyrant

Well, bye

When I'm not raging against the machine, or playing some Rage Against the Machine poorly on my acoustic guitar, I tend to watch retro TV. 

Don't get me wrong, I watch new stuff too, but there's something interesting about watching stuff from yesteryear. 

This week, I'm watching The Ultimate Fighter season 8 on Hulu. The entire series is there and, while I'm not the biggest UFC fan by any stretch, there's something to be said about a reality TV show where people end up cage fighting to settle their differences.

See ya next week!




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