Google's curious algorithms, the Mars Rover, and a quantum lullaby...
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Hello, carbon-based lifeforms!

What happens when the algorithm decides who you are?

Google's AI associates me with queerness and AI. 

In fact, it associates me with artificial intelligence and queerness to such a degree that โ€” and I'm not bragging โ€”it's obvious I'm the algorithm's favorite, not-straight, AI reporter. 

Apparently, I'm so queer that if you do a Google News search for "artificial intelligence queer," 30% of what the algorithm spits out was written by me. 

And here's the fun part: most of those stories have nothing to do with 'queer' topics. 

It's a good thing I am queer. You see, the algorithm apparently associates me with queerness because my TNW author profile lists "queer stuff" as one of my beats. 

What if I wasn't queer? Who would I even call to get that fixed? 

And even though I am, it still feels kind of crappy to know the algorithm reduces my existence to "queer, writes about AI." 

I'm wagering it'll only get worse.

Anyway, sorry to do this to you. But the story of how I found out Google News thinks I'm the queerest reporter on the planet is way too long to tell in a newsletter.

Read the whole weird, wacky tale here on Neural


Tales from the arXiv archives

What happens when the algorithm can't see you at all?

We talk about our favorite pre-print research from arXiv's AI section in this weekly column.

I'm coming from a place of privilege when I whine about how I'm being treated unfairly by the algorithm because it only sees me as queer.

But what happens when the algorithm can't see queer people? 

Researchers found certain AI systems used to parse police reports failed to properly process administrative paperwork when dealing with same-sex couples. 

The research cites an example where a male victim's partner, referred to as "he," was mentioned in the report but the AI associated "he" with the primary victim instead. Because it didn't understand same-sex couplings. 

Read more here on arXiv

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Our favorite AI video of the week

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